Southwest Windpower

By Katie Anderson on August 15th, 2011

Established in 1987, Southwest Windpower was born out of a desire to design a small but reliable battery-charging wind generator, capable of complementing solar energy systems powering rural locations across the globe.

In the early days, Southwest Windpower created wind energy systems for rural areas served by power companies. Almost 25 years later, the company has gone on to become a global leader in personal wind solutions, designing, manufacturing and distributing small wind turbines.

Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, the company has operations in Germany, Cologne and Ningbo, China. Its small wind turbines are designed to benefit both off-grid and on-grid homes, businesses and even sailboats.

To date, more than 160,000 wind turbines have been sold worldwide, in over 120 countries.

Did you know?

  • Southwest Windpower was awarded a Globe Sustainability Innovation Award, which recognises the contribution of ecological, economic and social innovations towards developing a sustainable society.
  • In 2010, the firm received MCS accreditation in the UK for its Skystream 3.7 wind turbine.
  • The company was founded by David Calley and Andy Kruse.
  • Southwest Windpower’s first generator, the Windseeker, was built using a modified Ford alternator.
  • Its AIR series of turbines is the best-selling battery-charged wind turbine in history, with more than 100,000 units sold.


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