Domestic Wind Turbines Cost

By Chris Bradshaw on June 7th, 2011

Wind energy is normally generated in large scale wind farms, however it is more realistic than ever to use wind turbines on your own land to generate electricity.

Many people know about wind energy, however most people will think of the large scale wind farms. While this is one method used to generate power using the wind, it’s also feasible to install wind turbines on your own land and generate money via the feed-in tariff.

This article will look at whether the cost of installing a domestic wind turbine is feasible in the terms of saving you money.

First it’s important to understand how your current electricity bill is worked out, so that we can make comparisons. Normally you will be billed per kilowatt hour (p/kWh) and this will typically be in pence.

In order to make these calculations we will have to make some generic assumptions, we will also assume that the owner paid the full retail price for the wind turbine, and did not get any form of discount. We will also have to estimate the amount of power which can be generated by a wind turbine.

Our assumptions:

  1. Electricity rate: £0.139 per kWh (inc VAT)
  2. Feed-in Export Tariff at 3.1p/kWh
  3. 10% of the energy generated will be used in your home / business
  4. Assessed over a 20 year period
  5. RPI of 3.584% and annual energy price inflation of 9%
  6. Inverter lifetime of 20 years where system uses an inverter
  7. Annual service charges of 1% of initial installed cost

Electricity Production

Looking at a Proven 15kW turbine which is produced by a Scottish company. At the average UK wind speed the turbine will generate 22,551 kWh per year.

As we already said that we expect the wind turbine to last for 20 years, over the life of the turbine, it will generate 451 mWh.

Wind Turbine Cost and Payback

Est Cost £53,000.00
Wind In 4.94m/s
Power Out 22,551kWh pa
Income £6,943.38 pa
20yr Profit £146,518.66
Payback 8y 0m
Return 13.82%pa, 6.63% AER

For more detailed information and different turbine models use the Renewables Guide Wind Turbine Calculator.

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