CTC launches its most efficient heat pump

By Katie Anderson on July 11th, 2012

CTC has recently launched its most efficient heat pump which it claims has the potential to lower heating costs by as much as 80%.

The EcoHeat 300 is a ground source heat pump which benefits from a CoP of 5.04kWh of heat from 1kWh of electricity. Other key features include improved noise reduction, thanks to the sound proof module casing, and 650 flow temperatures for large hot water demands.

A new generation of ground source heat pumps, the EcoHeat 300 features a touch screen which makes it much easier to adjust the heating and hot water. The colour navigation panel can also be utilised to download operational information. Heating can be monitored and controlled remotely too, thanks to an integrated internet or mobile network which is included in the control package.

Solar hot water heating systems and wood pellet boilers – or for that matter any other external heat system – can be supplemented at a later date should you require an extra heat source, thanks to two unique connections in the heat pumps.

Named after three young engineers who founded the company (Celsius, Tellander and Clarin) CTC launched its first heat pump back in 1982, an exhaust air heat pump. With thirty years of experience and expertise in the heat pump market, the company remains committed to maximising energy production whilst minimising environmental impact.

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