Biomass and heat pumps the answer to rising energy bills

By Katie Anderson on December 28th, 2012

With winter well and truly upon us our attentions naturally turn to maintaining a warm and comfy home. But with energy prices at an all time high many households are turning to renewable heating sources as a long term cost effective solution to home heating bills.

A leading supplier and installer of green energy products, Evergreen Energy Solutions is encouraging home owners worried about rising fossil fuel prices, particular at this time of the year, to consider renewable heating. The Witney-based firm has recently revealed its latest wood pellet-condensing biomass boiler which has been accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

If you’re looking for a solution which offers freedom from energy providers and their ever increasing energy prices then heating with wood could be the answer. Like gas or oil boilers a wood pellet boiler features advanced heating controls to take charge of the amount of fuel it delivers to the burner so it can match the heat demand on the boiler, providing heat for homes and businesses. The wood-pellet boilers are compatible with radiators and underfloor systems.

“Our new biomass boilers are the perfect solution to the cold snap. They are highly efficient, reliable, and because you’re heating with wood, they give you complete independence from energy suppliers,” explains Evergreen Energy’s Managing Director James Woollard, adding that due to the product’s high quality build and easy to use controls biomass boilers are more than capable of keeping up to high heat demand even in the coldest of winters, thanks to automatic cleaning systems which reduce breakdowns.

Available in outputs of between 2.9kW to 26kW single units are up to 97% efficient, whilst units of 9kW to 36kW are 93% efficient. Larger commercial installations of available up to 78kW.

November also saw the Evergreen Energy Solutions launch their new Ecocent air to water heat pumps. With energy savings of up to 75% achievable, the heat pumps can help to reduce fuel costs and are capable of producing more than 1000 litres of hot water daily, meeting your home’s hot water needs all year round.



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