Alternative and Renewable Domestic Heating Methods

By Chris Bradshaw on June 8th, 2011

Central heating and cooling systems are very common these days, the majority are powered with gas or other fossil fuels. Alternative and renewable sources of heat do however exist, which you may be interested in.

If you are interested in heating your home cleanly without damaging the environment then you will need to consider alternative systems and renewable fuels as a possible solution.

Some possible renewable fuels for domestic heating include:

  1. Wood Pellet / Chip
  2. Bio Diesel
  3. Bio Gas

Wood is the oldest renewable fuel in the world, man has used it for hundreds of years to provide heat. New wood pellet and wood chip burning boilers are available which are highly efficient, and are automatically fed pellets from integral hoppers.

Biofuels and biogas are newer solutions for domestic heating. Biogas is methane produced from rotting plant matter and animal waste. This is exactly the same as natural gas, which means you may not need to modify your existing equipment.

Some other alternative heating systems include:

  1. Solar Power
  2. Ground Source Pumps (Geothermal pumps)
  3. Environmentally friendly electricity production

Solar Power

Solar power can be used in two different ways, solar panels can be fitted to the roof of your home to generate electricity which can be used to heat water. However this is an inefficient way of heating water as there are a greater number of energy changes than required. A much better solution would be using solar heating systems.

These are where the water itself is pumped through the solar panel which is heated by the sun. The water then passes through the radiators, and is used for hot water. There are also other systems for colder climates where instead of the water itself passing through the panels, another liquid passes through which does not freeze.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Another option is using ground source pumps, these are popular because they can be used to cool and heat a house. They utilise heat pumps, which mean that they work in a similar way to your freezer, only normally in the operate direction.

In some cases It’s possible to reverse the heat pump and cool the room, rather than heating it if required.

Although many of the traditional forms of heating such as oil, gas and coal are still popular there are plenty of alternatives. The human race is far too dependent on fossil fuels which are quickly becoming depleted, this may not cause a major problem for us, but just think about what it will mean for the next generation who inherits the planet.

Alternative fuels may well be the way of the future, it’s really good news that we can keep our homes nice and warm without having to pollute the environment. Many of these green alternatives to heating our homes are just as good as the fossil fuels which we rely so heavily on. Even if you are not bothered about the environment, surely you are bothered by the rising costs of fossil fuels. Why are they rising? Because there is a limited supply of them, this means that the price will always continue to go up.

Stop relying on fossil fuels today, and get with the times. Using renewable clean fuels is the best way to do your bit for the environment and save money at the same time.

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